New VPS Systems Launched

Springs Hosting LogoOn April 4, 2011, Springs Hosting launched the new Xen-based Virtual Private Server (VPS) systems.  Pre-existing customer VPS systems have been migrated to the new VPS systems that support both Linux and Windows.  All VPS systems are monitored 24/7 and automatically backed up daily. Each VPS server is completely isolated from other servers.  Unlike other virtual server systems like openvz that share the same kernel, Xen gives each virtual server its own Linux kernel that has been modified to run on the hosts hypervisor giving customers acces to kernel modules.  A crash or a lockup on one virtual server has no impact on other virtual servers running on the same physical hardware. This approach leads to a highly configurable virtual server.

“The new VPS systems include many features that we did not have previously with our previous VPS infrastructure including mobile access via your iPhone and Andriod to control your virtual server.”, said CIO Jeremy Keefe.  “The Xen-based systems include capabilities for both Paravirtualization (PV) and Hardware-assisted virtualization (HVM).  The machines are running with fixed usage limits, below full capacity on dual 6-core Dell PowerEdge servers running Xen virtulization instances. We have built a very flexible infrastructure with both 64-bit and 32-bit Linux and Windows images available giving our customers complete root / administrator control over their virtual machine.  If our customer does not have a systems administrator to maintain their VPS, we also provide one to them as an optional service giving our customers all the tools needed to run their applications successfully.”