Network Infrastructure Expanded

Springs Hosting LogoOn March 30, 2011, Springs Hosting completed installation of two new redundant core routers to increase the internet traffic cababilities beyond 10GigE.  The new routers utilize BGP4 for the multi-homed Springs Hosting data center to maintain redundant failover connections between Tier 1 carriers including Level3 Communications and Qwest Communications.  In addition, Springs Hosting has recently installed three (N+1) APC systems coming online in March 2011 adding to the existing infrastructure to support the growing data center.

“We are continuously improving the fault tolerance within our network to maintain up to 100% network uptime.”, said David Rogers.  “To date, we have multiple redundant; routers, switches, power feeds, cooling, monitoring equipment and internet carriers providing a fault tolerant network that our customers depend on to operate their businesses.  Expanding the network is a process that takes planning and foresight. Our objectives have always been to anticipate the needs of our customers and exceed them. By forecasting these objectives, we are able to preestablish network requirements and transparently recover from software and hardware failures to avoid interruptions in services that we provide our customers.”