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Internet Connectivity

Reliable Internet Connections are vital to Business Operations

Why is Internet Connectivity important to my business?

Internet Connectivity is vital to day to day business operations! In today’s environment, nearly everything we do utilizes our internet connection; websites, phone calls, email, and a host of additional critical services. Today’s cloud trend has businesses outsourcing our equipment to the data center and installing a reliable dedicated fiber line to connect your building locations. This makes sense as it cuts the overhead and costs while significantly increasing server uptime and reliability. It also gives your company the ability to connect from anywhere at anytime and access company devices from ALL company locations. This is MUCH faster than the expensive T1 connections of the past.

FAST Connectivity for your Business

Does your business have multiple locations and the need to centralize your infrastructure in the cloud?

Central Connectivity for your operations

Private Fiber

What Internet Connectivity options are there for my business?

Metro Optical Ethernet

Businesses can connect back to the Springs Hosting data center via Metro Optical Ethernet (Local Loop) at speeds from 3M to 10GigE. This is essentially a piece of fiber that connects your building directly to our data center.

Virtually No Limitations

Business connections are not limited to Colorado. We can connect business branch locations across most of the United States to our central data center.

Multiple Fiber Loop Options

We have multiple carriers that would all like to be your choice for local loops back to your equipment.

Fixed Wireless Options

We work with several fixed wireless providers in Colorado. If fiber options are cost prohibitive, perhaps a fixed wireless solution is a better fit?

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