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Virtual Private Servers

Looking for more control than shared hosting?

I see you may have out grown shared hosting and are looking for something more private? You are looking to have full control of your own server, but don’t necessarily needing the full power of a dedicated server right? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Virtual Private Servers (VPS), also referred to as Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS), give our customers complete control over their own server (Root Access). All of our Cloud VPS servers are billed month to month so you can spin one up for a test project or use it for something more permanent.

Cloud VPSvCPURAMStorageTransferCostHA
Standard11GB10GB2500GB$25 per month Order
Business12GB20GB2500GB$40 per month Order
Business II24GB40GB2500GB$80 per month Order
Enterprise26GB80GB2500GB$120 per month Order
Enterprise II48GB160GB2500GB$200 per month Order
Enterprise III416GB300GB2500GB$350 per month Order

What advantages are there for a Cloud Server vs. Shared Hosting?

Control your own Destiny

Each Cloud VPS container is completely isolated from other containers. A crash or a lockup on one VPS has no impact on other virtual servers running on the same physical hardware. The VPS container is also insulated from the physical hardware making it possible to move a VPS container from one physical server to another with no downtime.

Reserved Guaranteed RAM

Each Cloud Server receives a specified allocation of CPU, RAM, Performance Storage, and Transfer. The result is that each Cloud VPS receives a guaranteed level of service.

Each Slice of the Server is Isolated

Each Cloud Server behaves like a dedicated server, allowing the full security scheme to be utilized with absolutely no common link between data and the isolated containers.  However, with High Availability (HA) on every Cloud VPS, your critical infrastructure will stay online even through hardware failures.

You have Root Access

Each Cloud Server can be administered with total control of settings using the Springs Hosting VPS Control Panel. All VPS plans support direct root access to the VPS.

Easy Administration & Automation

Each Cloud has cPanel Hosting Automation Control Panel available for  Linux installations and Plesk for Windows installations.  If you are adding cPanel, you may also want to add CloudLinux to your installation.  You can easily add them during your checkout.

**Linux or Windows Available

Each Cloud Server can be installed with a variety of Operating Systems available for deployment within minutes!

Cloud VPS (Windows)vCPURAMStorageTransferCostHA
Standard (Windows)11GB40GB2500GB$60 per month Order
Business (Windows)22GB60GB2500GB$90 per month Order
Business II (Windows)24GB80GB2500GB$120 per month Order
Enterprise (Windows)26GB120GB2500GB$160 per month Order
Enterprise II (Windows)48GB160GB2500GB$220 per month Order
Enterprise III (Windows)416GB300GB2500GB$370 per month Order

Included features with every Cloud Virtual Private Server

  • No contracts and no setup fees.
  • Monthly billing, cancel at anytime.
  • 64-bit Linux & Windows images available.
  • Choice of Linux and Windows flavors.
  • Reserved Guaranteed RAM.
  • Dedicated IP Addresses.
  • Guaranteed CPU share and more when available.
  • Dell PowerEdge Enterprise nodes with 40 cores of INTEL CPUs each. 
  • Full root access/rebooting.
  • Tier-1 multi-homed bandwidth.
  • EMC VNX Performance storage with RAM drives and FAST enabled.
  • Automated Nightly snapshots INCLUDED.
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