Official support for PHP4 ends, PHP5 takes over the reins officially

On August 8, 2008, “marked the (EOL) end of life for PHP4, which has been in stable release since May of 2000. With the release of PHP 4.4.9, official support has ended and the final security patch for the platform issued. Web hosts and web developers across the net have now lost another reason not to upgrade their development and support environments to current generation tools. With PHP 5 offering a viable upgrade path for the last few years, the recommendation is for administrators and developers is to move to the PHP 5 platform (if they haven’t already done so), which is currently at 5.2.6.”

**Fortunately, if your PHP website is hosted through Springs Hosting, then you have been on PHP5 since at least the middle of 2007 and are currently running the latest PHP 5.2.6 so this news won’t affect your website!