cPanel Servers Deployed

cPanel LogoOn March 9, 2009, Springs Hosting officially launched its new cPanel clusters of shared hosting servers.  “The move has been prompted by Parallel’s continued reduction in  release patches for Hsphere and frankly it was time for us to move,” said Jeremy Keefe CIO at Springs Hosting.  “The new account management system enables our customers additional control over their accounts, domains and services.  Putting our customers in the drivers seat with complete control over their services is one of our primary objectives.”

“The migration of customer accounts to the new systems will take Springs Hosting several more months to complete.  The process has been underway since December of 2009 and nearly half of our shared hosting customers have been moved to the new systems,” said Kelly Karnetsky at Springs Hosting.  “We look forward to serving our customers through the new platforms that provide many new services without any additional costs to our customers.”

For questions about the new account management system or server platforms, contact your account manager at Springs Hosting or call 719-393-9266.